Hammers, Sickles and Nike Ticks

He reads Das Kapital in Starbucks
Drinks coffee made from men

He bought his cause on EBay
Twelve for the price of ten

They stole our revolution
But now we’ve got it back

Hammer, Sickle and a Nike tick
Within a multi pack

What Carl had really wanted was a nightmarish authoritarian dystopia, is it so much to ask? But all he managed to get was a world ruled by hatred and greed. Typical.
But it takes more than that to stop Carl, and with the loyal support of some chaps he met at the coffee shop he is determined to lead the people in glorious revolution; if anyone can think of a better way for him to get his leg over sexy-dissident-Maria, Carl would like to hear it.

The world is a super-wonderful neo-liberal paradise, ruled by the community-minded Taxcorp, everyone has shiny teeth, healthy hair and the coffee is cheap. But the world is about to change because Carl and his fellow children of the ®evolution have discovered that rebellion is big business.
As the revolution builds to its climax we learn all about the trials and tribulations that face your modern non-conformist dissident bohemian social revolutionary.

Can you successfully market a revolution?
Is it OK to have a monopoly on non-conformism?
Which brand of shampoo would Lenin have used?

But perhaps most importantly of all, what is the truth behind their mysterious manager Janus? and where has all of their funding really been coming from?
The world needs to be saved… From something… By someone and if Carl is lucky he might have worked out that much by the end of it all.

Take Me Back

All Quotes and Extracts are Copyright of Sam Morris. Image provided by Andy "Bobby Langely" Davies